District 4

Click here to watch the video of the District 4 Candidate Forum  (with thanks to the AACo Huddle Network for live streaming!)

The Candidate Forum for District 4 was held at The Village Commons Community Center on October 10 from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.  




I am running for the Board of Education to bring new vision and real leadership to our school board.  I believe it is time for Anne Arundel County to be a leader in recognizing the harm to students that has been caused by the last couple of decades of focusing on a standards-based education in which students and teachers are pushed to perform.  We need to move to a whole-child approach in which students are supported and encouraged to be creative and independent-minded in the pursuit of knowledge, and teachers are given the opportunity to use their college education, many with post-graduate degrees, to assess and determine the best way to educate their very individual students.  This can only be accomplished by moving our resources back within the wall of our schools with proper class sizes and competitive salaries for our teachers.  I share the concerns of so many that we need to bring transparency and accessibility to our board and accountability to the administration.  As one of our county's first elected board members, I want to be a leader of change. 

A graduate of Arundel High School, I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  The focus of my studies and research was on child development and education. I have an extremely varied background in human resources management, logistics, government contracting, retail management, and volunteer work.  I have homeschooled our four children since 2009 with each joining our public schools again for their high school years.  I live in Millersville with my husband, three of our four children, two dogs, and two cats.  Our oldest daughter, a graduate of AACPS, just began her freshman year in college.

Based on my and our children's experiences with our schools, now spanning nearly three decades, I believe AACPS has not come nearly far enough in providing a meaningful and fulfilling educational experience for our students, and in many ways has gone in the wrong direction.  I will be a voice for our students and teachers.  



Julie was appointed as an at-large member of the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County in June 2015.She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in special education from Old Dominion University. She previously taught students with learning disabilities and emotional disturbances in the Frederick County (Va.) and Fairfax County (Va.) school systems. Prior to becoming an educator, she was a branch manager and licensed investment counselor with First Union Bank.

She was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan to the Commission to Review Maryland’s Use of Assessments and Testing in Public Schools, and she currently serves on the Maryland Association of Boards of Education Legislation. During her tenure on the Board, the school system has fully implemented its STEM magnet programs, expanded the Enhancing Elementary Excellence (Triple E) program to 6 clusters, launched the fourth charter/contract school in the county, Monarch Annapolis, moved forward on an unprecedented capital improvement plan to renovate and expand existing schools, broken ground on the first new high school in the county in 35 years, implemented the Latin Honors designation for graduates, and provided raises each year. 

Julie has five children in Anne Arundel County Public Schools who attend elementary, middle and high schools across the Meade, Annapolis, North County, and Glen Burnie clusters. She and her husband Jon have been active members of the Russett community in Laurel since 2002, serving in the Russett Community Association, Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and the local schools. During her time as president of the Brock Bridge Elementary PTA, she helped to garner more than $30,000 in arts grants for the school. Beginning in 2008, Julie worked closely with the school system, the community, and the Children's Guild to bring the Monarch Global Academy contract school to the Laurel area to help alleviate local school overcrowding and offer more school choice options in the Laurel/Maryland City/Jessup area.

From her career as a special education teacher to her role as mother to five AACPS students, Julie’s adult life has been committed to serving children. She believes every child deserves a quality education to prepare him or her to be college and career ready. She has fought and will continue to fight for equitable resources to meet the needs of every student through increased social and emotional supports, reduction of class sizes, competitive salaries for all employees, increased project-based learning opportunities, and capital funds to modernize aging schools.