Two amendments to the Maryland Constitution are on the ballot this fall, and Take Action AAC recommends voting FOR both of them.  Learn more about the amendments by clicking on the name of each. 

Question 1  Maryland Gambling Revenue Dedicated to Education Lockbox Amendment

When Marylanders approved casino gambling, we thought the new revenue would increase education funding. However, the legislature has instead reduced state funding to education by an amount equal to the amount of casino revenue generated, leaving our schools and students no better off.

This amendment requires the state to dedicate certain revenue from video lotteries to education as supplementary funding, rather than including it as part of the minimum state funding required by law.  The Maryland Department of Legislative Services estimates a $517 million increase to education funding in 2023 after the law is fully implemented.  Imagine the learning that can happen with that money!

Question 2    Maryland Election-Day Voter Registration Amendment 

Approval will allow qualified individuals to register and vote at a precinct polling place on election day.  As background, same-day voter registration during the early voting period was approved by the Maryland State Legislature in 2013. With many states seeking to reduce opportunities to vote, Maryland should join the other 16 states and District of Columbia ensuring that all eligible voters are able to exercise this most basic of rights. 

State-wide Endorsements


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